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Klondike Electric Bicycles: A Sustainable Way To Explore Skagway

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to travel in Skagway, look no further than Klondike Electric Bicycles. They believe that exploring the beautiful town of Skagway, Alaska, should be a fun and eco-friendly experience. 

That’s why they offer a variety of electric bicycles for rent, perfect for cruising around town or tackling the steep hills of the surrounding mountains. 

We rented e-bikes from their little shop on 5th Ave and share the top reasons why renting from this local bike shop is the best way to see Skagway.

Our Klondike Electric Bicycle rentals

First and foremost, we found their electric bicycles easy to use and operate. We had never ridden e-bikes before, but after quick instructions and practice, we were on the road to exploration.

Guests should have ridden a regular bike before, putting them ahead in learning the controls.


The number one reason to rent an electric bike from Klondike Electric Bicycles is their commitment to sustainability. They believe that exploring the great outdoors should never come at the cost of the planet.

Their electric bicycles provide a clean and green alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles. While we couldn’t travel as far with a bike, it gave us greater range than walking, and we could cover more ground in and around town.

When renting for two hours or longer, riders can get to Dyea and back, a small town north of Skagway. While the route includes a section of unpaved road, the fat wheels on the bikes handled the terrain beautifully.

Riding the dirt road to Dyea
Riding the dirt road to Dyea

We like to support local businesses in Alaska, so after our wonderful bike experience, we rented an electric car from the same company and made the road trip from Skagway to Emerald Lake.

Variety Of Rental Bikes

When reserving an e-bike, we had several options of models. While that might not seem important to some, I’m only five feet tall, so most bikes are built for taller individuals.

I chose the RadMini StepThru, which was slightly lighter than Brian’s pick of the RadRover StepThru. The RadRunner Plus provides an option to carry a passenger as long as the total weight of riders doesn’t exceed 350 lbs.

Since we rented ours, Klondike has added to its bike line. They now have Himiway models with fat tires, perfect for trail riding and rougher terrain. If you’re not sure which model to select, here are some stats, and weight may factor into your decision.

RadRover StepThru72.5 lbs (33 kg)5’2″– 6’2″
RadMini StepThru69 lbs (31.29 kg)4’10” 5’10”
RadRover Plus77 lbs (34.9 kg)5’2″– 6’2″
Himiway Ninja72 lbs (32.65 kg)  5’3″– 6’4″
Himiway StepThru72 lbs (32.65 kg)  5’1″– 6’5″
Himiway Big Dog79 lbs (35.83 kg)5’1″– 6’5″

The noticeable difference between the bike I selected, and Brian’s bike was the wheel sizes. The RadMini has smaller wheels than the other models. 

Karen with her e-bike
RadMini StepThru with smaller wheels

Later, we rented Rad e-bikes in Maui. Opting for a model with larger wheels, I was pleasantly surprised by the enhanced comfort it provided compared to the RadMini. The ride was smoother, and I no longer felt like my knees were uncomfortably close to my chest when I pedaled.

Once bikers have picked up their rental from the convenient downtown location, they can quickly reach the scenic Dyea Road. It offers breathtaking scenery and stunning views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

Additionally, it gives access to some of Skagway’s hiking trails, and a lovely overlook area to enjoy views of the city and cruise port.

Convenient Location

Skagway is a walkable city, and we found Klondike Electric Bicycle’s storefront easy to find. From the Skagway cruise port, it’s a 15-minute walk to their shop at 398 5th Avenue. 

Klondike Electric Bicycles storefront
Klondike Electric Bicycles storefront

We arrived 15 minutes before our booked time to get orientated with the electric bikes. Due to the high demand for bike rentals, it’s best to pre-arrange a booking before arriving in Skagway.

Flexible Rental Periods

Their flexible rental periods were a great selling point for us. Since we had booked the White Pass & Yukon Route scenic train ride in the morning, we wanted a shorter activity for the afternoon. 

While we had the option to select one hour to all day or take a tour, we chose the two-hour option since we were new to electric bikes. 

It gave us time to see the Gold Rush Cemetery and take the road to Dyea, but it also left time to explore downtown, which was having a crazy Fourth of July parade. Be sure to stop at the Welcome to Skagway sign for a selfie.

Welcome to Skagway sign
Welcome to Skagway sign

If you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive way to spend a day in Skagway, the all-day adventure is the way to go.

Complimentary Accessories

We received complimentary accessories with our rental to make our ride even more enjoyable. Our bikes came with helmets, locks, bottle holders, and area maps to help us navigate. 

Having rented e-bikes on other destinations since this experience, we found some places charged an additional fee for accessories and insurance, driving up the cost.

I had been to Skagway many times and didn’t necessarily need a map. During our bike rental, my husband considered me his personal tour guide, lol. Nicole gave us the shop’s number in case we had bike problems or needed assistance.

We were also offered binoculars and baskets to carry gear, although we had our own binoculars and a backpack.

Affordable Pricing

Not everyone can afford an expensive helicopter ride or boat tour. So, if you’re looking for affordability, renting an electric bike in Skagway provides just that.

Bikers in downtown Skagway
Bikers in downtown Skagway

With one-hour rentals starting at USD 25 and all-day rides at USD 72, the flexibility of electric bike rentals in Skagway is hard to beat. Whether you prefer a quick spin around town or a leisurely exploration, the choice is yours.

Klondike Electric Bikes offers group tours that last three hours to all day and start at USD 99. Before we booked our rentals, we checked out the competition in other Alaskan cruise ports. Here’s what we found.

SitkaKings E-Bikes$120 all day
KetchikanBike & Hike$149 for 4 hrs
JuneauRainforest E-Bike Tour$159.95 for 3 hrs
JuneauCycle Alaska$80 for 4 hrs
JuneauCycle Alaska$120 all day

We found their all-day rental very competitive and almost USD 50 cheaper than a rental in other ports.

Easy To Ride

Riders don’t need any prior experience to rent an e-bike. However, knowing how to ride a regular, non-powered bike is advisable.

Brian with his e-bike
Brian with his e-bike

Electric bicycles have simple and intuitive control systems, allowing riders to quickly adjust their speed and power. 

E-bikes are like regular bikes, with the shift changer on the handle. My Rad bike had a seven-speed Shimano gear system, with a power assistance level from 1 to 5. Level one gives little assistance, and 5 gives the most power. 

High power constantly drains the battery quickly, so it’s advisable to use it sparingly, especially on an all-day rental.

The bike also has a throttle, meant for quick speed start when tackling a hill or starting from a standstill. Think of it as a turbo button. I must admit, I was scared to use the throttle for fear my bike would act like a roadrunner!

Power assist works when pedaling, so I don’t think the bike will ride on its own. The throttle, however, doesn’t require a rider to pedal.

LCD display on a Rad E-bike
LCD display on a Rad E-bike

The bikes also have a clear and easy-to-read LCD central display. It showed us important information such as speed, battery life, distance traveled, and level of battery assist.

A fully charged bike has a range of up to 45 miles, more than enough for a day in Skagway. Our bikes had a top speed of 25 MPH, which we could reach when going down hills.

While I thought the bike was easy to ride, its weight of 69 lbs. made mounting and dismounting a little cumbersome. The extra weight comes from the battery and motor that power the bike.

Tour Variety

The bike shop has a few options for those who prefer an organized tour. 

The Skagway Trail and Sail is an all-day adventure combining e-bikes and sailing. This adventure starts with a 3-hour, self-guided e-bike tour from Klondike Electric Bicycles to the historic town of Dyea. Be sure to stop at the overlook for views of downtown and the cruise port.

View of Skagway and cruise port from the overlook
View of Skagway and cruise port from the overlook

Capt. Brendan at Skagway Small Boat Harbor provides the next portion of the excursion, sailing through the Taiya Inlet, North America’s longest and deepest fjord. Guests enjoy views of waterfalls, glaciers, and wildlife sightings while munching on a boxed lunch provided with the bike. 

The popular E-bike and Beer Tour combines two activities: bike riding and beer tasting. On this three-hour excursion, guests explore the town’s beauty on electric bikes and visit key historic sites including Gold Rush Cemetery, the resting place of many gold prospectors. 

Complete the tour by visiting the Klondike Brewery to learn about the art of brewing beer and enjoy a complimentary flight. This tour not only promises fun and discovery but also supports the Fran Delisle Cancer Awareness Fund. 

Alternatively, the Skagway City Highlights and Gold Panning Tour relives the area’s history by panning for gold at Alaska Fairytales. It’s a ride down memory lane with stops at the Gold Rush Cemetery, Arctic Brotherhood Hall, and Centennial Park.

Each stop recounts the history and stories of the building or destination on this three-hour excursion.

Brian on his e-bike, coming back from Dyea
Brian on his e-bike, coming back from Dyea

The bike shop has one self-guided tour called the Self-Guided E-bike Tour to Dyea with Lunch. This one comes with recommendations of where to bike to explore seldom-seen spots in Skagway! 

Dyea, a former Gold Rush hub, offers a rich history and scenic trails. Set your own pace, with no rush—spend at least three hours or take the whole day! The bike shop provides a picnic lunch to enjoy at the destination of your choice.

Wrap It Up

Although renting an e-bike in Skagway was our first experience with a power-assist bicycle, we had so much fun that we considered purchasing one.

We have rented e-bikes in other destinations, and by doing so, we are making a small but significant contribution to sustainable travel. By protecting the environment, we ensure that future generations can enjoy it for years to come.

Klondike Electric Bike rentals and Brian riding one of their bikes